St. Mary Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
"Let us love one another"
Wednesday Bible Studies - We come together on Wednesdays at 6:00pm to study God's word together.

Men's Small Group - Every 3rd Monday of the Month @ 6pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Women's Small Group - Meets Every 4th Tuesday of the month.

Sunday School- Every Sunday morning at 9:45am we study together as we get our minds prepared for Worship.

Steward Board - Stewards should keep an accurate account of money collected or other provision made for the support of the ministry and to keep an accurate account of money spent by the church for all purposes.

Trustee Board - The trustees are responsible for the church property.

Missionary Society - This body shall be organized and governed by a Constitution and By-laws in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws of the Women’s Missionary Council as founded in the discipline of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Stewardess Board - The Stewardesses serves the table of the Lord.

Christian Youth Fellowship -  The purpose of the CYF is to train young people in Christian living, to enable them to enrich their lives through worship, Bible study, discussions, Christian service, and recreation; to help them solve personal and social problems in light of the life and teaching of Christ.

Usher Board -  The ushers admit people to the house of worship, attend to their comfort while they are therein, and perform any other duties assigned to them by the pastor.
1417 Wheeler Ave.
Chattanooga, TN 37406
(423) 622-2742